Local Environment Management and Analysis

COST UCE Action C21

Urban Ontologies for an improved communication in UCE projects - TOWNTOLOGY

The main aim of the COST C21 Action is to increase the knowledge and promote the use of ontologies in the domain of Urban Civil Engineering projects, in the view of facilitating the communications between information systems, stakeholders and UCE specialists at a European level (Groupware).

Scientific objectives of the COST C21 Action are:

- producing a taxonomy of ontologies in the UCE field, contrasting existing design methodologies, techniques, glossaries and production standards ;
- developing an urban civil engineering ontology both in textual and visual (graph) presentation and a visual editor to integrate and update concepts, definition, photos, etc. into the ontology (software tool) ;
- developing a set of guidelines for the construction of multi-lingual UCE ontologies, based on practical examples (cases) ;
- analysing the role of ontologies as a tool to foster an improved communication between UCE stakeholders.

The Memorandum of Understanding of the Action explains the background and objectives of the Action.

The Towntology project is supported by the COST (European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research), in the domain of Urban Civil Engineering.